Designer Collage' Wall Mirrors...

Work with Diana, a professional Artist and Designer, to create your own wonderful Designer Collage Wall Mirrors.  You will have the opportunity to design an amazing decorative mirror with the use of different collage items of your choosing during the evening workshop. 

Consider a theme or a room you wish to create for if you have any preference to suit your personal taste and space.  Please make your color and theme suggestions to Diana at least 2 weeks prior to workshop to make sure she will consider your choice when purchasing supplies.

Learn to play with your artistic side in a fun, productive and rewarding way that will bring out your hidden talents. Collect up your closet stashes of knick knacks and miscellaneous keepsakes to include and recycle in the collage mirror you design. Great ideas may be  both functional and decorative to inspire the soul within.

Add your own personal signature to your Designer Collage Wall Mirror project with any of the following items.  Please wear clothing that you are not afraid to get glue on, just in case you get in a designer fervor. 

Extras to bring...Feathers, shells, polished or raw river stones, colored mirror, any odd or unused knick knacks or small ornaments, kitchen utensils, broken dishes or tiles, stones, crystals, driftwood, old souvenirs, pens, pencils, toys, fridge magnets, scrabble letters, game items etc. that may be included in the project.  Think small and eclectic, even broken and consider the dollar stores for lots of great ideas that might be included in your design.

Please Note...There will be a plastic laminator available for you to use if desired to waterproof your pictures, sayings, cards, dried leaves etc.  Items must be completely flat to go through laminating process,.  Laminating sheets are an extra cost of $1.50 each.

THEME IDEAS: Baby or Children's Room - doll dishes, building blocks, mini framed pictures, old dolls, mini cars, stuffed animals, unused toys, game items.  Bathroom - shells, coral, kelp, driftwood, stones, crystals, sand, silk or plastic leaves or flowers.  Sewing Room - thread spools - full or empty, crochet needles, ribbon, small scissors, vinyl's, fabric mementos of things created, laminated fashion pictures.  Kitchen - chopsticks, utensils, broken dishes, teacup & saucer, small teapot, chicken ornaments, mini vase, plastic grapes, fruit in glass-paper mache etc..  Bedroom - silk flowers, crystals, cool ornaments or knick knacks, items to inspire, wonderful sayings laminated or in a mini picture frame.  Living or Dining Room - bamboo, martini glass, unique wine glasses, mini liquor bottles, wine corks, records, CD covers or discs, silk flowers, unique mementos of events-travels, foreign money or coins, air ferns, polished river stones, dried and laminated leaves..  Office - antique software or small computer stuff, CD discs, pens, pencils, paper clips, broken stapler etc. laminated business cards, inspired or motivational sayings, color copied money.

Reminder...Tell Diana your color preferences so she will purchase supplies accordingly. Possible design ideas will be posted on page at a later date.

ABOUT THE ARTIST - DESIGNER: Facilitator Diana has explored many avenues of creativity and produces spiritual gift products, jewelry, collage art and mannequin art for galleries, private individuals and businesses. She has taught craft & gift design for the Vancouver School Board and currently teaches privately.

If you would like to know about any further creative craft workshops please contact us and request we put you on the mailing list. 

Other design project classes may include memory boxes, serving trays, topiary centerpieces, candle lanterns, percussion instruments, personal journals.


DIANA - Artist & Designer
7pm - 10pm.  TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Refreshments served.
Designer Collage Wall Mirrors
Most Supplies Included & others available for purchase if needed
Other "Create your own Design" Events
7pm-10pm TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Refreshments served.
Beeswax Candles ~ $35   TBA
One-of-a-kind Clocks ~ $55  TBA
Fabulous Water Fountains ~ $75  TBA
Workshop evenings include most basic supplies needed for project. You may choose to add more of your own creativity by bringing extras as suggested for each item on individual pages. Other extra interesting items also available during workshop to create your own unique designer projects.
Includes 2 projects 
10am-6pm  TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Bring Pot Luck lunch.  Refreshments served.
  • One-of-a-kind Clocks
  • Fabulous Water Fountains
    Most Supplies Included & others available for purchase if needed
    The one day workshop gives the advantage of offering much more creative time to work on your 2 designer creations. Workshop Includes most basic supplies needed for both of these projects. You may choose to add more of your own creativity by bringing extras as suggested for each item on individual pages. Other extra interesting items also available during workshop to create your own unique designer projects.
    Pre-registration & advance payment due minimum 2 weeks prior to class date. Additional $10 cost after that for evening workshop $20 additional for day workshop. Please check if space is still available. Please call or email commitment to classes desired and mail or drop a check or money order off immediately for pre-registration confirmation.  Classes do fill up early.
    Pre-register for any workshop in advance to take advantage of the early bird prices.  If you must change your plans for any reason, you may transfer your registration payment up to 2 weeks prior towards any other "create your own" workshop thereafter.  After that, the additional cost for workshop applies as noted.