Following are testimonials of personal experiences from clients who have participated in some form of Co-Creative Healing with Diana...

"Diana tells me she was called by her Spirit guides late one evening, summer of 2002  to head down to the far fire at the end of Wreck Beach around 11pm.  She was about to leave, however, as she was told, someone required her healing.  As soon as she walked up to the group fire, I came over as I recognized her as "The Healer on the Beach."  I asked for some healing work as I was extremely ill.  She identified blocks, darkness and pain in my body and was extremely accurate with her medical intuitive abilities to see within."  

"I was very driven to focus and work with her as a last resort. I never shared with her at the time, but I had been told by my doctor that morning in the hospital that I had best prepare to die as it was very unlikely I would make it through the night. I was only 24 and had double pneumonia, my lungs were completely filled with fluid and I was having a lot of trouble breathing.  He showed me my X-rays and addressed the problems with me. When he told me the bad news, I checked myself out of the hospital against the Doctor's wishes and decided to go down to the beach to die with my friends. 

"Diana proceeded to identify all the troubled areas in my body, exactly as I had seen on the X-rays that morning.  This allowed me to trust that she knew what she was doing. I was committed to letting go as she guided me through the process.  I didn't want to die.  Shortly after the 30 minutes of Co-Creative Healing work she shared with me,  I threw off the sleeping bag I was huddled under and stood up feeling like a new man.  My eyes and lungs felt completely clear and I was breathing freely once again.  It was a miracle. " 

"I went back to my doctor just to get checked out and he was astounded at my recovery.  He asked me what had happened as he said it was not physically possible to have such a quick recovery from my condition.  When I told him what I experienced he simply said, he must have made a mistake in his diagnosis.  I know he didn't because I saw the X-rays too and I had been in the hospital awhile with pneumonia.  I never told Diana anything about what my doctor had said until the next summer.  I stayed the night on the beach and left the next day feeling like I had never been sick.  For me it was a miracle."  Jean-Claude H.  Vancouver  BC

" Spirit went to great lengths to align Diana and I to meet so that I could experience a private Co-Creative Healing.  Take the journey, fasten your seat belt tightly: this inner voyage will astound the most informed seeker.  I was one, unprepared for the intensity of the Co-Creative quest.  Diana and her master helpers from places beyond, took the weight of the world from my lower back, dissolving pain I have lived with for 5 years.  Always with compassion and gentleness, she removed clogged energy, cleared past lives, recharged my chakra system and made right, painful life situations.  I was surprised how light I felt the next day, almost as though I had lost weight.  I honor her work as well as the Angels and Saints present during my session."  (Note: Anita had been told to stop by a restaurant by her Spirit guides at the same time Diana was passing by in her car.  Diana's Spirit guides told her to turn around as there was someone in the restaurant she needed to see. They found themselves standing at the counter together and both mentioned they were there to meet someone.  They laughed when they realized it must be each other as their stories were shared.) Anita R.  Nurse & Healer  New Brunswick

" Thank you for helping me find my center and enjoy the results. I want to say that the information and guidance you opened towards me has brought me so much more closer to understanding who I am. Your insightfulness has expanded my view and allowed sun to shine in on cloudy days - for this I am grateful. Thank you for thinking of me and calling last week. Your advice on personal power at first felt foreign, however as I was soon to find out, I needed to bring more awareness to the subject, eating amber (colour) helped me remember what I needed to bring care to. I feel I could go on with gratitude - yet we know that clearing up unbalanced weight brings balanced energy to all those we are in contact with and so I spread what I have been shown. Always with Love..." Christopher. Vancouver BC

" Diana is an amazing healer and an incredible leader and guide.  My biggest realization was with regards to the power of unfinished business from past lives and the impact it has on this life.  I would definitely recommend the Co-Creative Healing work to friends."  Julie R.  Vancouver  BC

" The first real experience of connecting with my Spirit guides was in the introductory evening.  Through the workshop, I became aware of the gifts we can share with others... everything is happening as it should and there are many gifts and lessons we receive through our pain.  My stomach had been bothering me for days and once I learned how to cut the strings - no more pain!  This was a weekend Spa for the Soul.  I have never been to a workshop intensive before and come away with such a feeling of clarity, contentment and calm."  Aileen A.  Abbotsford  BC

" The Co-Creative Healing Workshop facilitated by Diana was truly an awakening experience of the purest Divine kind.  Inner gifts revealed to me personally were beyond what I had ever experienced.  The awesome mind-body connection of present and past as well as consciousness creating reality, personal and collective, were lovingly wrapped in Divine guidance.  The sacred space provided made it serene and safe for all to learn at their maximum potential and comfort level.  So many miraculous discoveries and this was just the beginning!  Diana has my great gratitude."  Lorrin M.  Nurse & Healer  North Vancouver  BC

" I found out that I really do have intuitive powers!  In the cacophony of everyday life, we are rarely, if ever, quiet enough to seek out and listen to the wisdom that is available to all of us.  Through the various components of the Co-Creative Healing workshop, I found that I was not only able to tap into these resources, I also began to fine tune my sensitivity.  The highlight of the weekend was having a Co-Creative Healer and 3 in training work on me for 3 hours in a healing session.  I left the workshop feeling that I had gone cosmic!   Something had definitely shifted in my energy and the pain in my body was significantly reduced.  With each passing day since the workshop, I have continued to improve my overall functioning.  Wow!  What a weekend! Nichole D.  West Vancouver  BC

" I was still experiencing much back pain after a car accident 6 months previous, when I  connected with Diana on Wreck Beach the summer of 2002.  I decided to have a 15 minute massage, which was all the cash I had on me that day.  Diana extended her good will and spent a mere 15 minutes with massage and another 20 minutes doing energy work while I focused on the breathing and clearing technique she shared with me.  I was astounded to get off the table to have complete relief of the pain in my back.  I came by to see her the following month for simply a nurturing massage and to share my deepest gratitude as the  pain had never returned after my first visit.  Thank-you!  Your work is amazing."  David K.  Vancouver  BC 

" Diana was recommended to me by one of the other massage people on Wreck Beach.  I had hurt my ankle and twisted my back and was not even able to stand upright because of the pain. I was sure I would have to call the hovercraft to come and rescue me as it was clear I would not make it up the steep trail.  I had a 1 hour massage with her and got off the table still in a lot of pain and unable to stand up myself.  Diana simply smiled, had me sit on the massage table and again went over the messages my body-mind consciousness was giving me in relationship to why it was holding the pain in my back and ankle.  The information she gave me once again suddenly clicked and resonated so profoundly that I started to laugh.  It was so simple and so obvious, that it made sense.  Within moments of her re-connecting me with this information and putting her hands over the hurt, the pain simply vanished.  I got off the table, walked back to my blanket and enjoyed not only that day, I came down the steep trail again the next day - PAIN FREE.  I am not sure how it all works, but I do know that I am a believer in the great healing work that she shares.  I am very grateful.  Lisa B.  Vancouver  BC