Intuitively Read & Transcribed with your practitioner & The Angels

Angel of the Lake courtesy of www.webshots.com 

A Divinely guided perspective as messages from one or many Angels and Ascended Masters share their inspiring wisdom often with a sense of humor and loving grace. This reading is done remotely (you do not have to be present) and is transcribed on the computer in letter form. Specific questions may be asked if you wish. Otherwise, the practioner simply asks to be given the most relative information for you at this time.  Your personal reading holds specific details & insights from the etheric guides who walk with you and support your spiritual journey. An amazing discovery filled with love & support.
intuitive Reader
Private Sessions Divinely Guided
Gift Certificates Available
$95 per 1 hr. session
Includes transcription.
Remote Sessions Available Also.
Advance payment by mailed check or credit card, allows you to receive your transcription by email. 
By Appointment Only
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Step into the realms of Self-Mastery



To Be Announced
Evening Seminar   $15 at the Door
$10 with 3 day advance RSVP
7pm -- 9:30pm
Fall Dates
Location: West Vancouver  BC