GROUNDING - Getting centered daily...
To support your journey more easily, it is important to get grounded and centered daily.  It is particularily strategic to ground oneself in with Heaven and Earth for balanced yin-yang, male-female energies for your Body - Mind - Spirit...

The purpose of grounding and centering ourselves daily is to become a clearer entity or channel for the Divine energies to work through us.  If we are not grounded, we may find it challenging to integrate or clear things well in the physical realms.  As we live our day to day lives in a physical reality, it is important to balance our connections to Creator or Source with our every day reality on Gaia or Planet Earth. 

By connecting from our heart with Heaven and Earth simultaneously, we allow ourselves the ability to see things from both the Physical perspective as well as the Spiritual perspective.  This method aligns both left and right sides of the brain as ONE.  The two sides of the brain also represent the yin-yang or male-female energies within each of us. 

Grounding Meditation

A very simple process, begin by focusing a beam of light from the center of your body where the heart chakra lies.   Send this cord of light to the center of Mother Earth and lock it in.  Then from the center of your heart, send another cord of light up to Divine Creator (your Highest Self or God or whatever you wish to call it) and lock it in. 

That's are done.  Use this method each morning to start your day and utilize it as needed throughout the day as well if you begin to feel unfocused, blocked or triggered by anything.  It will help to bring you back to center once again.

Are you Grounded? - A test to check...

In a group situation...One of the ways to show whether or not someone is grounded, is to have everyone in the room close their eyes first before doing the grounding exercise.  While their eyes are closed, walk around the room to each person individually and after asking permission to touch them, gently press on their heart chakra with enough firmness to push them backwards slightly.   Most people will rock back and lose their balance if they are not already grounded. 

Once completing the grounding exercise however, they should be rock solid and will not waiver or lose their balance when you press firmly in the same way.  If they do, have them repeat the grounding exercise, firmly locking themselves in with Heaven and Earth before testing them again.  If they still test weak, use Archangel Michael to cut any aka cords also before testing them again.

You may also use a pendulum or a kinesiology test as well to check if you are grounded or not.