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Jeffrey Armstrong is a Vedic expert, who has been travelling around the world in order to spread his knowledge. Recently was Armstrong in Netherlands for a reading during the Chatney Hindu youth day 2010 Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Jeffrey Armstrong Western Master of Eastern Wisdom


Juan Ruiz
Peruvian Shaman

Utube video interview is in Spanish

Excerpt from 90 minute Norma Milanovich speech at the Galactic Gathering 2009 in Denver Colorado. DVDs available at Produced by Dangling Carrot Films. Norma is one of today's top transformational leaders.

Norma Milanovich
Messenger for the Ascended Masters


Many Horses
Native Medicine Man

The Healing with Frank Austin - Many Horses

"Healing 1 million orphans in Rwanda" with EFT

Digital Photo Art by Gary Bandzmer

Painted Stones
Gary Bandzmer
Original Art by Artist - Photographer - Videographer

Web Design

Photography Collaborations

Much of the beautiful art you see on this website is by the very talented artist Gary Bandzmer who so generously offered it to us.  Thank-you Gary as you continue to inspire all of us daily!


Videographer & musician Gary Bandzmer, and dancer & poet Celeste Snowber, combine artistic forms to explore the inner longing of the human heart.

"Thirst" is a dance/video collaboration, which explores the intersection between site-specific work and the inner landscape.

The inner landscape is often seen reflected in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Both Snowber & Bandzmer's individual and collaborative work continues to attend to the relationship between the invisible & visible worlds.