Swedish Massage with Medical Intuitive "Dee" 

Testimonials shared by Dee's clients...some last names omitted for privacy...

"I have had the opportunity to experience the sheer pleasure of Dee's massage work. Her intuitive massage is different than anything I have ever experienced. The pampering of Diana during the massage and the energy with which everything is delivered is beyond words. You just need to experience it for yourself!"  Jan Janzen  ~ Business + Personal Success strategist + Author of  "Devil with a Briefcase" Vancouver BC

"Thank you for the positive insights, inspiration and relaxation you indulged me with the other day with the Swedish Massage session I had with you.  I have had many massages in my life, but none that felt so completely relaxing.  I very much appreciated your ability to make me feel so comfortable with you right away and was fascinated with your gift of seeing within.  You certainly captured my attention with your exacting comments on what was going on in my life based on my body's physical challenges and pain.  Your intuitive work connected me with the reasons in a way that made sense surprisingly enough.  What is more surprising is that 5 years of chronic pain has literally dissolved since our session together.  I cannot thank you enough and I am still in awe of how it all works."  Dennis K. ~ Computer Technology Specialist~ Vancouver  BC

"I never realized massage could be so relaxing as I have always gone for specific work with RMT's, only when I was in pain from some injury.  The gift certificate I was given  inspired me to see you as a treat after my birthday and it was a welcome end to my very busy week.  I must make it a point to see you at least once a month.  It would be alot easier than carrying all that extra energy in my body for so long.  Thank you again for your caring, loving way."  Derek M. ~  New Westminster BC

"I was left with a lingering sense of well-being for several days after my massage with Dee."  Matt C.  ~ Vancouver BC

"I just wanted to let you know that I so enjoyed my massage session with you the other day.  I came in feeling stressed and in pain and left feeling lighter like I lost weight, totally refreshed and ready to take on my world again. Your Medical Intuitive abilities, specifically the Body-Mind Conscious insights were so right on, it was like you knew exactly what I was struggling with in my life.  Thank you for "tipping me off" in the right direction so I could let go of the pain I was holding in my body in relationship to those things.  I really must come for regular massage more often."  Candace J. ~ West Vancouver BC

"Just had a massage on board (the cruise ship)...YOU should give lessons here!
YOU would make a fortune...there just isn't any comparison."  Clint S.  ~ Vancouver


Massage on Wreck Beach with Medical Intuitive "Dee"

Dee is a licensed vendor on Wreck Beach during the summer months from May long weekend to Sept. 30th

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"You gave me a massage on Wreck Beach summer of 2002. I want you to know (as I'm sure you have heard many times) that it was a wonderful and relaxing experience, something different to any other massage I have had, leaving me with a sense of relaxed well being. Thanks again and may your journey in this life be one of joyful discovery."  Ray H.  ~ Vancouver BC

"I was still experiencing much back pain after a car accident 6 months previous, when I  connected with Dee on Wreck Beach the summer of 2002.  I decided to have a 15 minute massage, which was all the cash I had on me that day.  Dee extended her good will and spent a mere 15 minutes with massage and another 20 minutes doing energy work while I focused on the breathing and clearing technique she shared with me.  I was astounded to get off the table to have complete relief of the pain in my back.  I came by to see her the following month for simply a nurturing massage and to share my deepest gratitude as the pain had never returned after my first visit.  Thank-you!  Your work is amazing."  David K.  Vancouver  BC 

"Dee was recommended to me by one of the other massage people on Wreck Beach.  I had hurt my ankle and twisted my back and was not even able to stand upright because of the pain. I was sure I would have to call the hovercraft to come and rescue me as it was clear I would not make it up the steep trail.  I had a 1 hour massage with her and got off the table still in a lot of pain and unable to stand up myself.  Dee simply smiled, had me sit on the massage table and again went over the messages my (BMC) Body-Mind Consciousness was giving me in relationship to why it was holding the pain in my back and ankle.  The information she gave me once again suddenly clicked and resonated so profoundly that I started to laugh.  It was so simple and so obvious, that it made sense.  Within moments of her re-connecting me with this information and putting her hands over the hurt, the pain simply vanished.  I got off the table, walked back to my blanket and enjoyed not only that day, I came down the steep trail again the next day - PAIN FREE.  I am not sure how it all works, but I do know that I am a believer in the great healing work that she shares.  I am very grateful."  Lisa B.  Vancouver  BC