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Choose from several options to enjoy a much healthier alternative to bottled or tap water. Alkaline water is one of the simplest and most amazing ways to heal yourself, your family and your pets.

Personally, I have enjoyed so many shifts that I have chosen to share these products so others may also support their own healing journey.  From weight loss, arthritis, migraine and pain relief to feeling far more hydrated and energized, alkaline water has changed not only my life but my cats lives as well. I do my best to share the incredible healing benefits that alkaline water creates for everybody's heath.

I wish someone had been diligent in telling me about alkaline water when it first showed up in my circle of friends.  It would have helped my sick kitty so much when he was struggling with kidney issues, complicated by the sudden appearance of a fast growing cancer from drinking excessive amounts of bottled water. It was suggested he be given bottled water, which we now know holds plastic carcinogens that create cancer.

Unfortunately, it was not destined for Zeus to live on at that time it seems, but the other kitties in the house were able to benefit from the experience and the invaluable awareness I gained from his illness and death AS WILL YOU!

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Alkaline Water - on a budget

Alkaline Water Jugs and supplies

 (Canadian prices)

  • Generic Style Water Jug includes 1 alkaline filter $95
    Includes Jug - Alkaline Filter - PH Chart and Reagent Drops.  Choose from 2 jug styles/sizes.
  • Alkaline Filter single $60
  • PH Chart and Reagent Drops (used to quickly test the PH levels of water).  Check acidity of your tap or  bottled water or the alkalinity of water from your new jug.)  $8

By taking the best from all worlds, we are able to offer a combination of products from different sources that give you the water, jugs and accessories you want at far more affordable pricing than available at any one source.


Cerra Water

Alkaline Water Jugs and related Products

 (Canadian prices)

  • Cerra Alkaline Water Jug $225 includes 2 filters (not currently supplied)
  • Cerra Alkaline Water Filters 3 pack (not currently supplied)
  • Cerra Alkaline Water Filters single pack (not currently supplied)
  • Cerra Alkaline Stone for cooking


Ionways (please click on Ionways link to purchase direct)

Alkaline Water Machines and Products

 (US prices)

  • 2-3 day shipping to Canada and USA
  • Alkaline Water Dispensers - 1 filter $1400 (machine lasts 10yrs) 2 filters $2100 (lasts 20yrs)
  • Alkaline Water Filters for dispensers
  • Alkapod - portable alkaline water bottle

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these or other products, just email us or see contact page to call us.


Pet Testimonials

I have discovered much in my research about healthy alternatives to the commonly available food, water, litter and household cleaners that are often taken for granted as being safe for our pets.  My journey to find out more, also led me to the alkaline water and allowed me to really appreciate the incredible health changes in each of my 3 cats when I started them on the water.

According to holistic vet, Dr. Michael Goldberg from Animal Wellness on Broadway in Vancouver, BC, 75% of cats deal with kidney issues.  He says this is primarily due to the use of many processed, cooked or dried foods loaded with things like bi-products and diseased animal parts unfit for human consumption. 

When the whole "China" thing happened several years ago and killed many animals when strychnine was found to be used as a filler in many pet foods, I made a point to learn everything I could to keep my kitties safe.  In the course of my research about healthy pet foods, I also found out that reactions to grains or foods that they do not digest well, such as onions, potatoes, corn and wheat, also contribute to their health issues.  Prior to that, I had already switched to paper cat litter, as the clay, corn, wheat and cedar litter were very hard on the animals as well.  I was also aware that pet collars, vaccinations and household cleaners like Lysol and anti-bacterials can also create toxic and allergic reactions.  As someone into alternative wellness, all these discoveries through the years were a big source of concern for myself and my pets.

I had already lost my beloved 6 year old black male Zeus to kidney issues 3 years prior and wished I had known more about the miracle of alkaline water then, as he died a few months after I began doing more research.  My then 6yr old part Bengal female cat was also on her way out, extremely skinny, struggling with kidney issues and constant thirst.  She was lacking in energy, had dull, dry fur and black tarry bowel movements - one of the many warning signals of a sick animal. 

I started my cats on organic raw food and the alkaline water from the "Athena" a loaned Ionways water machine that I was using myself.  All the cats in our house (6 total), loved the new water and within the first month I noticed several shifts in my sick Bengal in particular.   Her fur became lustrous and beautiful (same for the other cats), her bowel movements became light colored, full and normal. Within 3 months, her incessant thirst shifted, she became extremely active and her usual bossy self returned. Now several years later, she is still alive and well and you would never know she had been so close to death.

My former tenants cat, a 17 year old orange male tabby, had all the same symptoms as my Bengal and was clearly dealing with kidney problems as well. He was obese (gut dragging on the ground obese!), with dull, dry fur and itchy bald patches. He was consistently cranky, lazy, drank incessantly and slept most of the day. Once I got the Athena water machine, he came upstairs several times every day to drink the alkaline water I had out for my cats. Within 3 months of removing all dry food (not good for kidney issues) and adding alkaline water, he lost all the weight he had all his life and became a beautifully vibrant and energetic young buck again. His fur was beautiful and his bowel movements also returned to normal.

I was blown away by the complete turnaround in all the cats!  That combined with my own dramatic health shifts totally sold me on alkaline water!  I have never looked back and go out of my way to recommend it to everyone who will listen.   Diana - Vancouver BC