THE CRYSTAL KINGDOM - Magic & Mystery Unveiled

CRYSTAL GEM ELIXIR'S - " Nectar of the Gods " 

Crystal Gem Elixir's have been created and utilized throughout time by alchemists, shamans, magicians, medicine men and those who knew the healing possibilities of the magical crystal kingdom.  Crystals are known to have powerful curative qualities.  Elixir's, made with these gems, allow internal and external applications to support the "letting go" of physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease from the body.  Animals are particularly receptive to Crystals and therefore Elixir remedies and naturally gravitate to the therapeutic energy they generate.  Elixir's expedite emotional clearing, facilitate release of physical dis-ease, relieve aches and pains, awaken the body's natural healing ability and open one's Spirit to Divine Light infusion. 

For powerfully enhanced healing qualities, Crystal Gem Elixir's are created during full or new moons, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices and usually "cure" a minimum of 2 weeks using different integration processes within this time period.  During the preparation of the Elixir's, special meditations bring through the energies of many Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Light beings, who infuse their vibration within the remedies for maximized restorative assistance. 

Exceptional remedies for accelerated healing, Crystal Gem Elixir's are the perfect addition to any healing practice or well-being plan, offering non-invasive, regenerative, harmonious and self-evident results.  Crystal Gem Elixir's are truly NECTAR OF THE GODS !


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