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Nectar of the Gods

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This workshop is an opportunity for anyone in the alternative or traditional healing fields that would like a holistic, results oriented and marketable addition to their healing practice or journey. Create very potent, amazing, safe, natural remedies that offer life changing healing for yourself, friends, clients or pets.

An experiential workshop, activate, blend and integrate synergistic energies as you work with the alchemy of crystals, moon cycles and the support of the Angelic and Ascended Master Kingdoms to manifest unique, magical and custom remedies for personal or professional healing. 

Did you know that elixir remedies made from crystals ...

Crystal Gem Elixirs dramatically aid healing results for...

Exceptional remedies for accelerated healing, gem elixirs are the perfect addition to any healing practice or personal well-being plan, offering non-invasive, regenerative, harmonious and self-evident results. Animals are particularly receptive to Elixir remedies and naturally gravitate to the therapeutic energy they generate.

During the preparation of Elixir's, special meditations may bring through the energies of many Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Light beings, who infuse their vibration within the remedies for maximized restorative assistance. If you work alongside your personal guides and Angels, or are familiar with Crystal Healing - this course is designed to awaken your Atlantean memories of Crystal Alchemy. With guidance and support, each individual will bring through and integrate Master energies to create very powerful, unique or custom Crystal Gem Elixir's for many applications.

"Nectar of the Gods," Gem Elixir's have excellent healing qualities and have been utilized throughout time by medicine men and shamans. An experiential workshop, learn to activate, blend and integrate the synergistic energies of crystals with moon cycles and Angelic assistance from the spiritual realms.

Elixir's expedite emotional clearing, facilitate release of physical dis-ease, relieve aches and pains and awaken the body's natural self-healing abilities. For powerfully enhanced healing qualities, Crystal Gem Elixir's are created during full or new moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices and "cure" a minimum of 2 weeks using different integration processes within this time period.

This particular workshop falls on the day before the Full moon (sun and moon are in opposite zodiac signs).  Resulting remedies made during this time will be further enhanced.  A time of growth and overcoming, release, fulfillment, realization and total illumination.  Answers will come during the Full Moon.  During this phase give thanks and gratitude for all prayers than have been answered as projects begun in the first phase are coming to a crescendo and finishing up.  A good time to analyze, evaluate and prepare powerful magical remedies.  Artistic endeavors, beauty, patience, health, fitness, change and decisions are all supported during this time as well.  Goddesses to utilize for etherial infusion into the elixir's include Isis, Ashera, Selene, Sisters of the Wyrd, the Norns, Freya and all Mother Goddesses.

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This experiential workshop includes...

Join us for an experiential Workshop that is useful knowledge for everyone, especially for those already in the healing fields who wish to expand on their abilities to support clients by having gem elixir's available as healing remedies.  

These workshops align with either a  Full Moon or New Moon that week to give time for creating very powerful gem elixir's that will be ready to put out at the appropriate time.   Personally create your own elixir's, work with your guides or Angels and discover the untapped healing resources from within Mother Nature's womb.  

The Alchemy of Crystal Gem Elixir's # 2 Workshop is either done as a 1 day Condensed Workshop or over 4 consecutive evenings.  These events are  filled with loving, healing guidance from the Angelic realms that will expand your awareness to the world of crystal healing.   Awaken your intuitive gifts in a wonderful way that will surprise and delight you.  Filled with support from the spiritual realms, guides work gently with and through us, ever inspiring new and different combinations and surprises.

Note: CRYSTAL GEM ELIXIR'S #1 is not a pre-requisite for #2. However, both courses are very diversely different in material taught. If you are interested in creating remedies for clients, this workshop shares excellent methods for extremely potent basic single crystal healing remedies and is worthwhile taking in combination with Level #2.

FACILITATOR DIANA ~ Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Diana is a trained Healer, gifted Medical Intuitive, Masseuse, Spiritual Counselor, Visionary & Artist. She has also designed Spiritual Product lines from concept to creation including marketing and production. Consciously connecting with her personal guides and Angels in the etheric realms since early childhood, she has the ability to see within the physical body & much like one would view an X-ray. Much of the information shared in this workshop has been channeled through by Diana's Spirit Guides and much new information that has never before been offered in the workshops has recently come through and is outstanding in it's applications. Participants will be empowered with awareness, endless possibilities, insights and support in the making of gem elixir's.



DIANA - Facilitator
INTRO EVENINGS  $20 with advance RSVP ~ $25 at Door
7pm - 9:30pm.  TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Light snacks & refreshments served.
Crystal Healing Intro Evening  ~ TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Understanding the powerful assistance of Gems & Elixir Remedies
Crystals, Crystal Wands & Pendulum Kits available to purchase
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Pendulums - Practical and basic how to assistance for personal guidance, wisdom, healing
Intuition & Co-Creative Healing - Utilizing our Sixth Sense & Inherent Natures
Angels & Spirit Guides - Who are they and how can I work with them?
Sat. TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Pay 1 month early ~ only $122
9am-6pm. Single day workshop focuses on all you need to know plus demos & experiential practice of actually making elixir's from scratch. Workshop includes workbook & all supplies needed except crystals. Please bring personal crystals or purchase at workshop. Crystals for elixir's, extra supplies & Pendulum Kits will be available to purchase. Space for 10 participants only - register early.
Sunday TBA Fall/Winter 2013
Pay 1 month early ~  only $122.
9am-6pm. Single day workshop focuses on all you need to know plus demos & experiential practice of actually making elixir's from scratch. Workshop includes workbook & all supplies needed except crystals. Please bring personal crystals or purchase at workshop. Crystals for elixir's, extra supplies & Pendulum Kits will be available to purchase. Workshop #1 is suggested before this one, but not required..  Space for 10 participants only - register early.
Suggested Workshop for more understanding and practice with crystals...
TBA Fall/Winter 2013
10am-6pm  Bring Pot Luck lunch
Early Bird payments ~ only $99
  • Workshop includes light lunch, workbook.
  • Crystals, Crystal Wands & Pendulums available to purchase
    Location: Central Vancouver, BC
    Group Discount Special

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