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Medical Intuitive

Are you feeling challenged with health issues?  Do you feel stuck in your life, repeating old patterns?  Have you ever reacted to someone or something without understanding why?

If one considers that all dis-ease in the body is simply consciousness, held as energy, you may better understand how easily it may be released.  All pain and dis-ease is simply our unresolved past memory held as blocked energy in our body-mind consciousness.

Consider these questions...

Your akashic or soul records may be accessed by a Medical Intuitive so that these and other questions may be answered by viewing your past memory.

Past Life memory examples...
Past life memories can greatly influence our ability to respond in a positive or empowering way this lifetime.  The fact that we are often personally unaware of these memories or connections allows one to understand how a Medical Intuitive may help speed up the healing process.  By clearing past consciousness, life can change sometimes dramatically.

What if you could...
All this and more is possible when one addresses the body-mind conscious memory through the akashic or soul records.  How will this affect your life?

Often there is a dramatic shift in a persons life immediately.  Other times the mind may take a little longer to catch up with the shift in the body-mind consciousness as the Universe brings into alignment other areas to catch up with what has been made possible by clearing old energies.  This may look like a new love, job, or change in personal appearance and self-esteem.

How do I go about aligning a session?


What will a session include?

During your long distance session, core issues are addressed in relationship to your past lives and details are given as to how they affect your current life and situation. Energy blocks seen in the body are also noted and insights about  what these energies mean in relationship to how or where and why they are held will also be given.  These insights are for your awareness so that your consciousness has the ability to "catch up" with what is done in the physical and spiritual realms  to heal the blocks in your body mind consciousness.  All this will be emailed to you.

"What is the cost of a session?"

Sessions may run 1-2 hours (rarely more) and are done at a cost of $95 hour. Some Souls require more information than others in regards to their challenges.

"Is it possible to work on someone else without their knowing?"

Yes, you may choose to support another persons healing journey whether it is your mother, lover, child or friend.  Perhaps they are not as receptive to this type of healing as you may be.  Diana will always ask permission before working with a Soul, however, it is rarely refused as the Soul will usually want to heal as they know it is in their highest good. 

How is this healing work different from traditional methods? 

Accelerated healing is possible with the support of a Medical Intuitive.  A Medical Intuitive has the ability to heal long distance as their connection to a soul goes beyond the physical, therefore allowing the same results to be had from a distance.   All that is needed is the Souls permission and choice to shift for the desired results to manifest.  Working in the energy field while viewing the akashic records of the soul (past life memory), a Medical Intuitive is able to give guidance while supporting the clients awareness to "catch up" mentally with the transcribed emailed details.   Sometimes gem elixirs, herbs, homeopathic or natural remedies may be suggested to speed up and support the physical, mental and spiritual healing required as well.

Are the sessions more effective in person?

Although this is a personal choice, private sessions  may also be accomplished over the telephone or by email and are just as effective as if you were working with the practioner in person.  As we are all one consciousness, the practitioner has the ability to receive information about the root cause of your health challenges thus making it possible for long distance healing.  

By working with the Souls highest consciousness, the Medical Intuitive is able to identify the health issues long distance, assist in vibrationally shifting the disease to bring the body back to a natural state of health, remove disharmony from the akashic or soul records, or align the body to shift at a cellular level releasing discordant energies.  

About the Practitioner...

The practioner ~ Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, she is a trained Healer, Medical Intuitive, Masseuse, Artist, Designer, Spiritual Counselor and Visionary. Consciously connecting with her personal guides and Angels in the etheric realms since early childhood, she has the ability to see within the physical body much like one would view an X-ray. Thus she simply acts as a witness with a client sharing inside information and insights on where blocked energies are held, what they mean and why we have held them.  From this place of understanding, these energies may be moved out easily and permanently.

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