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About this website


Co-Creation Unlimited was manifested as a vehicle to open doors and support others in co-creating opportunities by sharing new ways of thinking, feeling and being in this world.  By opening our minds, fresh possibilities may be experienced as we allow ourselves to synchronistically align with the Divine.

As a freeform work of Art, this website is divinely guided and consistently aligned with the help of the many Angels, Divas and Nature Spirits that support us sight unseen everyday.

The founder of Co-Creation Unlimited,  is a gifted Medical Intuitive with profound Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities who has been connecting with etheric guides since early childhood. 

Working in both the creative and healing arts fields for more than 30 years, "Dee" is truly a multi-talented Visionary.

Throughout this wonderful journey called Life, staying compassionate and flexible each moment allows us to experience the magical awareness that comes from seeing each and every person as our teacher.

By living outside of the box, we are then able to see beyond our limited mindset and go with the flow, as it is often the journey, not the destination that is the most exciting part of the trip.  Enjoy the discovery.

Art by Gary Bandzmer

In the Beginning

"The Angels, Divas or Nature Spirits as you might call them, first suggested creating this website many years ago. At that time, computers were these giant new cumbersome dinosaurs and snail mail was still a common way to communicate.  I really didn't have much clue as to where to begin, as at that time, very few people had websites and email was something only the odd friend subscribed to.  

That same weekend this message to create a website came through clearly in my meditation, I attended a spiritual conference in Tacoma. Attending and presenting were many now well-known spiritual speakers including Doreen Virtue, James Twyman, Norma Milanovich, Michael Murdoch and many more.  I met countless new friends who were inspirational and instrumental in supporting my personal spiritual journey into new uncharted territory.  We stayed in touch for years afterwards, as our relationships and businesses developed. 

The day I returned from the conference, I sat down and began automatic writing almost non-stop over the next 3 days, as intuitive messages came through clearly, guiding me with everything I needed to create a new website including the name  The message was very specific on a dot net name as opposed to a dot com name, as the divas said this was to become a network for others of like mind to tap into and share.  It was also indicated that I would at some point have clear revelations about the power of that name. It was to bring clarity and understanding to my own awareness of its personal vibration in regards to the healing work and products these Spirit Guides were also sharing with me. 

Shortly after my return from the conference, I put in a request to Creation to send me a lover, as I was ready to play.  Magically and synchronistically, the lover I met the following week was a website designer and a genius well beyond his years. Needless to say, when I began sharing the layout the Angels had suggested, my new lover/website designer said he had never seen such a detailed plan for a website, especially from someone who had no clue about websites in the first place. 

As Jimi lined up the project with explicit suggestions guided by my Intuitive Guidance, the then 150 pages unfolded slowly over a 3 month period at a cost of $80 for software, which was all my lover felt inclined to charge me for.  What looked like a dauntingly huge website and expensive undertaking initially, cost me pennies for all that transpired.  Jimi shared his trade secrets with me so I could handle the site and make all the changes on my own. 

As it unfolded into a carefully laid out project, I was surprised at how easily I picked up managing the pages and writing the copy. I realize now how valuable that extra piece was, as I was absolutely juiced by the creativity it inspired and the profoundly guided wisdom it allowed me to share through that medium.

I love how the Divine works...something is suggested...synchronicities abound...alignments fall into place....everything is seemingly effortless.   Virtually everything I began teaching had been gifted to me intuitively through the Spirit realms, like gems of undying wisdom, shared with dedication and support to myself and others who chose to listen. I also wish to thank Jimi for his amazing talents which supported this CoCreation." Medical Intuitive - "Dee"


 In Gratitude

Many thanks to the amazing etheric kingdom of Angels, Divas and Nature Spirits for all their guidance and support.

  • Archangel Michael for his shoulder, loving wings and kind words when times seem difficult.
  • Archangel Rafael for his thoughtfulness in guiding all my relationships with others.
  • Ascended Master St. Germaine, also Merlin, a friend, guide and teacher during Atlantis and the Dark Ages.
  • Lord Melchizedeck who shows us what we are capable of when we have one-pointed focus.
  • Gaia for her natural beauty and ever steady support that feeds, shelters, heals as Divine Mother and Earth.
  • Goddess Quan Yin for her healing hands and ever compassionate heart.
  • Ascended Master RA for the Sacred Mantras to the Sun (Creator), reminding us of our connective link.
  • Divine Lord Buddha for his guidance to many sacred ancient sites in my meditative journeys.
  • Lady Isis who shares the wisdom of the great Gods and Goddesses of the Egyptian times.
  • Shri Krishna, Creator of this material world who spoke Sanskrit wisdom and teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita.
  • Bhagavan, the Divine creator of all Universes who, like ourselves has neither ever been created nor destroyed.



This site is designed to indulge many areas self-fulfillment within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.  It is a Co-Creative project dedicated to sharing opportunities, teachings, wisdoms, networking, products, services and support that serve One in this amazing Co-Creation called Life.  May you  find an abundance of ways to assist, sustain and attain this personal quest for awareness and understanding we all seek.

We thank-you for sharing your time with us and look forward to your return. Remember...

Our perception cocreates the foundation of this journey we call Life.               

Namaste to one and all.














































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