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Dee is a gifted Medical Intuitive with Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient abilities.

Working and in the healing arts for more than 25 years, she is truly a Visionary with talents in many areas. 

Dee is also an events coordinator and continues to facilitate workshops and evening seminars both locally and internationally. hosting both her own events and others.

She is known for her uniquely original and specialty party events. 

Her artistic decorating skills and attention to detail offers those attending any event, an experience they never forget.


A Medical Intuitive, Certified Healer, Workshop Facilitator and Events Coordinator,  Diee has personally and professionally worked with many different healing modalities throughout the years and focuses on sharing those that are simple, self-empowering and results oriented.  As a Visionary, Healer, Artist, Designer, Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach, she has been consciously connecting with her personal guides and Angels in the etheric realms since early childhood.  She empowers others in awakening their abilities to do the same.

After an intense sojourn of life altering challenges, a shift occurred and Dee was initiated into a whole new world of visionary sensitivity.  The letting go of life as she knew it, was in fact, the very gift which opened these doors. The veils parted allowing much more access to the Spiritual Realms and her conscious awareness. 

Her affinity for the indigenous cultures brought her into the next phase in her life as Dee dreamt about a shaman she would meet. After taking a friend to a native healing session on the Sunshine Coast, she discovered that this was the shaman she had dreamt about and upon meeting him, asked if she could host him in Vancouver.  While "Many Horses," a Native Indian Medicine Man, worked with clients, Dee was able to assist and train with him as clients allowed.  During this time he shared his wisdom and shamanic healing ways of the medicine men with her.

Many Horses acknowledged Dee's intuitive abilities, saying that in his many years of working with healers, he had never seen anyone so equally and incredibly gifted in every sentient skill.  Many Horses helped to fine tune Dee's intuitive abilities with his supportive feedback and medicine man gifts. Total trust of her own inner knowing allowed Dee to exude the confidence required to pursue her journey of working with private clients.

Dee continued her spiritual exploration and expansion with Dr. Norma Milanovich, founder of the Athena Leadership Center, and one of the top ten Spiritual teachers in the world today.  Norma has spoken many times at the United Nations and leads spiritual journeys all over the globe.  Dee was aligned to created the staging display for 2 of Norma's events, one in India and one in Lisbon Portugal.

Over the course of a couple of years Dee worked in service (Seva) with Peruvian Shaman Juan Ruiz from Peru, founder of the Inkarri Multicultural Association. Renowned for his spiritual teachings all over the world, Juan was also coordinator of the XIV Dalai Lamas 2 year World Tour for Inner Peace in Europe and America through to 2011.  He is profiled in the ayurveda and health magazine LA Yoga and re-educates others in Leaders Causing Leaders .

Currently Dee participates in  ongoing weekly Bhakti Yoga studies, satsanga and Seva with well known author, speaker, teacher and Vedic Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong.  A master teacher of eastern wisdom, Jeffrey shares awareness about the Sanskrit Vedic teachings which include the Bhagavad Gita. Jeffrey shares 45 years of insight in his study of the Vedas concerning the Laws of Creation and answers questions such as "Who are we?" "Where do we come from? " and "Why are we here?"

In prior years, Diana taught Intuitive Massage with Rhodes College, Design your Destiny (a manifestation workshop) and several Creative Craft workshops with the Vancouver School Board. 

Dee tunes into Creation energy easily, connecting with many Spirit Guides and Devas who offer both insight and inspiration into many healing practices and gifts that Dee shares. such as .  Much of what she teaches has been inspired by teachings of the Spirit Guides and Devas and include Co-Creative Healing and Body-Mind Conscious Reading.  The Devas have offered a wealth of healing awareness and product lines to share with others.

As a Medical Intuitive, Dee's abilities allow her to see within the physical body much like one would view an X-ray.  Her clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities offer a deeper understanding and awareness of what is both visible and not. She is thus able to share messages and intuitive healing on a much more intensive level. "Reading" the Body-Mind Conscious, she easily interprets the messages one's body holds and speaks. Her innate ability to also view sacred symbols within, which align individuals with their life purpose, naturally supports her in connecting clients with their divine potential.
Accelerated long distance healing is also possible with the support of Dee's Medical Intuitive abilities.  Working in the energy field while viewing the Body-Mind Conscious and the akashic records of the soul (past life memory), Dee is able to give guidance while simultaneously supporting the client in the moment with their own healing. By working with the Souls highest consciousness, she is able to identify the health issues, assist in vibrationally releasing "dis-ease", removing disharmony from the akashic or soul records while aligning the body to shift at a cellular level as discordant energies are cleared..
With a Degree in Design, Dee's artistic journey has also trained her to tap into Universal Mind for endless creativity.  She has produced product lines and events from concept to creation with one of a kind and production designs, including clothing, jewelry, graphics, interior and mannequin art. Her spiritually based product lines and workshops are often channeled with much support from the Devas and Spirit Guides.  Some of her product lines have included One of a Kind Jewelry, Atlantis Rising Crystal Wands, Crystal Pendulum Kits, Water Activation Crystals, Crystal Gem Elixir's and Crystal Energy Vibrational Massage Oils. They incorporate many levels of Sacred Geometry and often awaken awareness of Ancient Keys, Codes and Wisdoms for clients that utilize them. 
Known for her memorable events of all descriptions, Dee has created and coordinated various Singles parties and wellness oriented days including Spa for the Soul Day.  She produced and directed her very own Champagne for the Soul Concerts with renowned musicians Edith Wallace, Paul Armitage, Dwain Briggs and Leonard Eagle Cloud. 

Dee has co-created and worked in conjunction with well known leaders in the Spiritual Community including Jeffrey Armstrong, Juan Ruiz, Norma Milanovich, Gregory Possman, Paul Hubbert, Rev. Hannalore and Craig Russel at international events across the globe.

Dee offers her personal experiences with an open heart, a sense of humor and with the insights and wisdoms of many Nature Spirits, Angels and Devas close at hand.  She enjoys the opportunity to inspire others to awaken to their own intuitive healing abilities and etheric support, enabling them to walk between worlds with ease and grace.

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 Events Past where Diana...

Created  |  Coordinated  |  Participated  |  Facilitated  |  SEVA ~ in Service

  • Seva for weekly AUDIO EDITING of Jeffrey Armstrong's BHAKTI YOGA Classes Van. BC Oct 2011-June 2012
  • Event Decor, Setup and Seva assistance for YOGA for LIFE RETREAT in Langley 2011 with Jeffrey Armstrong
  • Seva assist for weekly SATSANGS and VEDIC TEACHING with Jeffrey Armstrong in Van. BC 2010-2011
  • Food table Decor and Seva assistance for Juan Ruiz at GRANDMOTHER CEREMONIES Van. BC 2006-2008
  • Creator & Facilitator of ONE HEART - monthly circle on relationship and sensuality in Van. BC 2007-2008
  • Coordinator for PRIVATE MUSIC JAMS in Vancouver BC January 2006 - 2012
  • Event Designer and Coordinator of many private SINGLES PARTY EVENTS 2004-2006
  • Interior Decor Display for INNER SANCTUARY HEALING CENTER Sunshine Coast, Sechelt, BC 2003-2004
  • Coordinator for THE MANSION PARTY - A Private Party in West Vancouver June 2003
  • Event Coordinator for CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS - Dialogue between the Sexes -  evening gatherings in North & West Vancouver, BC beginning Dec. 2002 - 2004
  • Creator & Coordinator of the CAMELOT'S COURT Singles Event in West Vancouver, BC  Nov. 2001
  • Creator & Coordinator of the SPA FOR THE SOUL Events in West Vancouver, BC  May 2001 - Jan.2002
  • Presenter of "Intuitive Skills" and Life Coach Assistant for " LIFE DIRECTIONS, "  an intensive weekend workshop with Harv T. Eker, Kananaskas Lodge, Alberta  November 1999
  • Stage Design for " ON BECOMING " a conference with Dr. Norma Milanovich in Lisbon Portugal, October 1999
  • MC for " ASCENDING HEARTS CONCLAVE " with Craig Russel & many others Chilliwack, BC  October 1999
  • Staging Decor for " SPIRITFEST " Conference  Calgary, Alberta September 1998
  • Creator & Coordinator of CHAMPAGNE FOR THE SOUL Concerts Van. BC  August 1998 & March 1999


Crystal Pendulum Kits
Water Activation Crystals
Atlantis Rising Crystal Wands
Crystal Gem Elixir Healing Remedies
Crystal Energy Vibrational Massage Oils


Local Events

Dee offers private sessions, evening events and workshops both locally and internationally including spiritual healing as well as entertainment in the form of unique parties.

Evening events may include Angels, Devas and Spirit Guides, The Pendulum, Crystal Healing and on occasion Singles parties.

Workshops include Intuitive Spiritual Practice, Co-Creative Energy Healing, Creating Crystal Gem Elixirs and Creative Gifts.  

She also offers private sessions which include Long Distance Healing, Spiritual Readings, Swedish Massage, Co-Creative Energy Healing and Medical Intuitive awareness through Body-Mind Consciousness Readings. 


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