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The practioner taught Intuitive Massage for Rhodes College and currently teaches her own unique workshops. She also co-ordinates parties and spiritual events for others.

Art by Michael Asti-Rose

Enjoy more than just a traditional Massage

Creating Balance  |  Body - Mind - Spirit


A trained energy healer and relaxation masseuse, the practioner is also a natural and gifted Medical Intuitive.  Her sessions may often include Body-Mind Consciousness Reading as well as Co-Creative Energy Healing if desired.

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, she has the ability to see into the body much like one would view an X-ray.  As a witness within, this talent allows her to more easily assist a client to clear stagnant energies on a much deeper level than a traditional masseuse.  

Swedish Massage

Deep Relaxation Touch  |  Gentle to Firm

Swedish massage may also include deeper massage in challenged areas of the body with longer, more luxurious strokes of a lighter, sweeter and more sensitive nature.

If desired, the practioner gives insights on physical and emotional energy blocks she may see in the body or auric energy field.  This process awakens awareness as to how our body speaks to us. Once the message is delivered from the Body-Mind Consciousness and heard by the client, it allows the opportunity to release held energy for better healing results. 

Swedish Massage deeply nurtures, relaxes and energizes the Body, while awakening the Mind and inspiring the Spirit.


Art by Michael Asti-Rose

Medical Intuitive Massage

Energy Read  |  Body Mind Conscious Insights  |  Co-Creative Energy Healing  |  Massage

Sometimes we face challenges in life that traditional medical methods have difficulty identifying or healing  with what is known or visible.  A Medical Intuitive sees and feels beyond the physical to identify the source of the pain and supports a client in healing often before the symptoms turn into a serious physical dis-ease.

Our Body-Mind Consciousness holds onto pain until it is identified, connected with and consciously released. As long as this pain remains unresolved or connected with, the BMC holds onto the memory like data files on our computer and hence creates a trigger that continues to act like a magnet attracting more suffering to us.  Ancient healers and shamans viewed pain or "dis-ease" as the BMC's gift to us.  It is important to understand that this is one of the ways our body speaks, allowing the opportunity to move through our challenges if so motivated.  If we ignore the issues that arise, the BMC will continue to stop us with continued pain until we either deal with it or die from it.

A Medical Intuitive may easily view these blocks in our energy, identify the source of the problem or give insights as to why it was held or what it means.  From this place of knowing, a client is empowered to understand the source of the symptoms or past pain (including past life) and in essence open to heal.

Based on the location of pain or blocked energies, the practioner is able to share insights on what the BMC is trying to say.  This awareness is usually incredibly accurate with regards to what is going on in a clients life.  Armed with new insight, a client has the opportunity to work  with the practioner in the moment with Co-Creative Energy Healing to help dissolve the energy and shift the challenges.

Medical Intuitive Massage creates a deep awareness and connection with the clients own Body-Mind-Conscious, while inspiring the Spirit and awakening the Mind to new understanding and possibilities.


When the Spirit is willing, anything is possible!

Art by Michael Asti-Rose

Chronic pain, dis-ease or issues of a serious nature require a complete BMC scan and more intensive healing. Please read Medical Intuitive and then consider  Co-Creative Healing to explore these challenges fully, so they have a better chance of being shifted on a more permanent level.  Co-Creative Healing Testimonials

The practioner's Intuitive talents
  • Allow her to find energy blocks, pain, disease and often past or karmic injuries that have not cleared.

  • Give insights on where the pain originates and what the body is trying to say (optional BMC read).

  • Include the opportunity to work with you through Co-Creative Healing to help release discovered emotional energy blocks and health challenges.

  • Includes full activation of chakras (energy centers).

  • Will expand one's life force energy field (aura) for increased protection and aliveness.

During a massage session, the practioner views the body briefly for obvious energy blocks and works with the client to help move these energies out. 

Deep opening, clearing, releasing and balancing serves to reawaken and build the valuable life force energy we always have available to us.

This supports speedier healing, increased energy and aliveness, a revitalized state of Body-Mind-Spirit wellness and a noticeable shift in one's very being.

Body-Mind-Spirit Tuneups offer combination sessions.


  • About the space

  • Private Beautiful Sanctuary  |  Designer Decor  |  Meditative Music  |  Shower & All Amenities  

    Begin with a hot shower to rinse away the outside worlds energy and warm your body prior to your massage.  Imagine an inspiring and whimsically decorated space that is always clean, quiet, completely private and totally confidential. Mellow music and the pleasing sounds of nature and subtle lighting serve to soothe the soul. 

    In this cooler season, flannel sheets line the extra wide, extra long professional massage table. Personally mixed choice of odorless or scented oils or dry powdered touch if desired, are all a part of your loving, nurturing and energizing relaxation massage.  Experience a full hour or more of your choice of massage which always includes a steamy towel down. 

    The practioner specializes in long massages for  those who wish to give graciously to themselves.  Extended 2 or 3 hour sessions are also available, allowing for incredibly deep relaxation and shift to occur.  The practioner always strives to appropriately guide and empower clients by co-creating together, so limitations are cleared in the moment.


    Massage Rates

    Private In Studio Sessions

    $40 - 1/2 hr.

    $70 - 1 hr.

    $105 - 1 1/2 hrs.

    $140 - 2 hrs.

    $190 - 3 hrs.

    Mobile Massage is available in the Metro Vancouver area at a rate of 2hrs for $220.  Included in this rate is an extra charge to cover setup, takedown, parking and driving time.
    Gift Certificates are available and are valid anytime. There is no expiry on them.

    The practioner


    Lifting Aphrodite - Art by Michael Asti-Rose



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