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When the Spirit is willing, anything is possible!  

You always have the opportunity to experience a more divine state of health, whether you choose it or not.  When challenges arise, it is the Body-Mind-Spirit's way of opening the door, showing you another path.  A door that invites new awareness, adventure and the possibility of expanding ones life journey into a deeper level of surrender. The indigenous cultures have always seen sickness, pain or dis-ease as a doorway and a gift to that understanding.

Trust in the Divine and the sometimes unseen wisdom we are guided to discover.  Learning to Love it all, is a big step towards embracing the Divine's plan for each one of us and healing the illusion we have held on to as truth.

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Intuitive Body - Mind - Spirit Healing

A gifted Medical Intuitive, she is blessed with equal strengths in all areas with her Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient abilities and is thus able to check her own intuitive insights several ways. 

With the ability to body scan and see into the body much like one would view an X-ray, she may act as a witness within to assist clients in clearing issues created from holding on to past hurts, in ways that traditional medicine is often unable to comprehend.

Traditional methods focus on physical manifestations of sickness and dis-ease, yet do not consider that they are often created out of the unseen energies we collect day to day, like the history and cookies on our computers.

We are ultimately responsible for our health and well-being, yet many of us tend to give away our power and our choice to heal. By buying into what the doctor says as being the only option, or by being unconsciously attached to our pain and believing we have to suffer, we have given up on the ability to heal ourselves.  This awareness is the first step in choosing to make a change.

Determine what feels appropriate for you.  Are you ready to let go of the past pain and conflict your Body-Mind Conscious holds, or are you still attached to your story about it?

Perhaps it's time to transform the past into something new with the support of a Medical Intuitive.

What is a Medical Intuitive?

Intuitive Awareness

There are many types and variations of Medical Intuitive abilities. Whether clairvoyant (ability to see beyond),  clairsentient (ability to sense), clairaudient (ability to hear) or a combination of all three, each Medical Intuitive may hold a  different means to acquire information beyond the perceived limitations of the physical world. 

Intuitive abilities allow them to connect with energies held in the more spiritual or etheric realms.  Although not as dense as the physical dimensional reality we live in, these realms are easily seen, sensed or heard by those who have awakened their Sixth sense, often also known as ones third eye or inner vision.

A Medical Intuitive also has the ability to heal long distance, as their connection to a Soul goes beyond the physical. Therefore these abilities allow the same or similar results to be had from a distance.   All that is needed is the Souls permission and choice to shift for the desired results to manifest. 

Edgar Cayce was a very famous Medical Intuitive as is the currently well-known Caroline Myss.  Their personal abilities as Medical Intuitive's vary somewhat in both sensibility and applications.

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A Past Life or Karmic Memory Example

Body Mind Conscious Reading  |  Co-Creative Healing  |  Vibrational Healing Assistance

Opening Pandora's Box  |  Re-writing our Movie Script Past  |  Vision Journeys

Client Case History #1 Bagpipes

A former client mentioned that he always got extremely emotional whenever he heard bagpipes, to the point that he physically broke down sobbing uncontrollably when he did.  He never understood where this came from as he had not grown up around bagpipes, nor ever had any contact with them throughout his life. 


Upon tuning in and intuitively viewing his Akashic records, which revealed his past lives around this anomaly, it became clear why he was so affected by the music.  There he was playing bagpipes at the front lines of the troops as they went to battle in England in one of his past lives.  As he played, his buddies pushed forward and valiantly fought and fell, dying around him.  He continued to play and was eventually slain as well.  Dying with this kind of trauma unresolved, was enough to cause a trigger of pain and emotion to be re-lived every time he heard bagpipes in this lifetime. 

Similar indications of past life trauma might include a sense of recognition or fear of another person or incident that triggers ones emotional body into reaction.   Or perhaps a sense of immediate chemistry with someone might indicate former past life relationships that were deeply personal or intimate, thus allowing partners to fall back into a familiar sense of Trust and connection.


Body-Mind Consciousness Reading is the language of the body as it speaks to us, when we have the ability to discern its subtle messages to us.  The Body-Mind Conscious holds onto our past pain or memories and attachments until they are identified, connected with and consciously released.  That is not to say that all past life pain must be identified to be released. 

Sometimes only the darkness or the emotion must be identified or connected with in the physical body and auric field in order to clear it.  Other times it is enough to view and bring awareness to it in order to let go, without any connection to the past at all, only intuitive healing assistance. 


As long as blocked energy or pain in the body or auric fields remains unresolved or connected with, the Body-Mind Conscious holds the karmic memory.  Hence a trigger  is created, which continues to act like a magnet attracting more suffering to us.  Thus we call in "accidents" or similar life lessons until this magnetic energy is resolved or released.  This is the Body-Mind Conscious' gift to us. 

The BMC is a no fail system, allowing us the opportunity to consistently choose to move through challenges that arise.  If we don't,  the BMC continually stops us until we deal with the issues that are holding us back from totally embracing our inherent nature as the Atma or Eternal Divine Spirits that we all are.

When karmic memories are not easily accessed through traditional methods, it may be appropriate to utilize a vision journey to discover what is hidden under the pain or dis-ease.


Sometimes it is important not to open "Pandora's box" to the past unless it is with healing intention, as old memories may come flooding back, creating all sorts of challenges to deal with in the present.  This can be particularly true with regards to readings done just for fun. 

As well, opening to the past may also invite our remembrance of the many gifts we carry from other lifetimes also.  A Medical Intuitive of integrity will be guided appropriately to suggest what will empower you the most before taking you into realms that are not supportive of the task at hand.


A Medical Intuitive may easily view past life blocks in the body and energy field, often easily identifying the source of the problem, and giving insights as to why it was held or what it means.  For the Medical Intuitive, this is kind of  like looking at several television screens simultaneously, or hearing different radio stations giving information.

From this now identified place of awareness, a client is empowered to better understand the source of the current symptoms that may be related to this life or past life pain and trauma.   In this way, a client is then able to connect with their true essence,  opening to heal.  Sometimes re-writing the past life script is required to clear thoughts and energies attached to the suffering, intentionally shifting the BMC into believing and creating another story or result. 


Accelerated healing is possible with the support of a Medical Intuitive through Co-Creative Energy Healing and a BMC Reading.  Working in the energy field, a Medical Intuitive is able to guide and support a client by utilizing several methods to intuit or tune in and "read" a client in order to better understand what is going on. While working simultaneously in the physical with their own natural abilities, a client may then be guided by a Medical Intuitive with visualization, breath, connected awareness and energy healing, to shift the challenges more fully and often permanently. 

Akashic Records of the soul or spirit, are the keys to the past life memory banks that may be accessed by a Medical Intuitive.  For many Medical Intuitives, viewing these records can be like watching one or more fast moving television screens or listening to a radio dialogue.  Time is not really a factor in this viewing or accessing, as the BMC holds onto these memories as though they were now, thus lies the key to accessing and releasing them. 

Body Scanning may be done in order to view what is going on in the physical body.  This will reveal areas of blocked energy that may be a sign that past hurts are still being held in the physical, hindering energy flow.  Injuries from this life or past lives may be revealed in a body scan in order to bring them to attention for healing purposes.

Chakra Activations are utilized to open up the energy centers that run vertically up the spine, to enable better energy flow through the whole body system from head to toe.  There are several ways to activate the chakras, through energy, breath, color and hands on, just to name a few.  If the chakras are not open nor fully activated, energy becomes stagnant and stops the optimal flow of prana or life force through the body, thus creating pain, sickness, "dis-ease" ultimately speeding up the aging process.

Aura Expansion occurs as the chakras are opened and fully activated, while pranic breath practices and healing energy is utilized.  As the aura is the filter system for the body, it is important to keep it as fully expanded as possible (average aura is approx. 5-7ft around the body), at all times.   The aura acts as the filter for the body, by clearing daily emotional energy that is created or collected wherever we go.  Having a large, full and bright aura helps keep any baggage from entering the physical body.  In other wards, it helps keep the junk out of our body.

When the aura gets smaller, the vibration is also lowered the aura becomes much denser around the body.   Emotional baggage is then automatically sent directly into the physical body, as the aura is no longer able to clear and release it properly on its own, as it was designed to.  This is important to understand, as emotional baggage may now turn into pain or "dis-ease" instead, as the BMC brings ones attention to the junk now sent into the body temple. 

If one is stressed or sick for long periods, the aura will naturally get small, dense and depleted. If one were to have an accident when the aura is depleted, all of the remaining aura energy would be used up to survive, leaving nothing for the healing process.  At this point, a person is more at risk of serious complications, an inability to heal properly and perhaps even death.

Pranic Breath Practice allows us to bring in daily life force energy for our aura as well as our bodily functions.  In fact 75% of the life force we utilize daily, actually comes from breathing properly.  As most of us are shallow breathers (hence the name "Howlie" was given to us by the Hawaians), we are compromising our energy levels every day.  Vedic Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong says that we are given so many breaths per lifetime when we are born.  By breathing shallow, we shorten our life considerably.  By breathing deeply with proper Pranic Breath awareness, we will extend our life considerably.  Most of us let our body breath us, leaving us using the shallow default setting we have programmed in from poor breathing habits.  It is so very important to consciously learn to breathe properly.


Further assistance may be successfully obtained by also using vibrational healing methods, tinctures or tools such as crystals, gem elixirs, herbs or flower remedies, aromatherapy, homeopathic or other naturally compatible energies, to speed up and support the physical, mental and spiritual healing required.  As the BMC pathways are both DC electric as well as chemically inclined, both avenues of healing intention are equally important for success.

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Chronic pain, dis-ease or issues of a serious nature require a complete Body-Mind Conscious scan and more intensive healing.

It is best to explore these challenges fully, so they have a better chance of being shifted on a more permanent level. 

Deep opening, clearing, releasing and balancing serves to reawaken and build more of the valuable life force energy we always have available to us.

This supports speedier healing, increased energy and aliveness, a revitalized state of Body-Mind-Spirit wellness and a noticeable shift in one's very being.

This practioner has many talents to utilize in order to create the best possible opportunity for you to choose to heal the issues at hand with the assistance of her Medical Intuitive abilities.


Practioner Talents

  • Body Scanning helps find energy blocks, pain, disease and often past life or karmic injuries that have not been cleared out of the Body-Mind yet.

  • Body-Mind Conscious Readings give insights on where pain originates, what the body is trying to say to you and aligns with life's circumstances.

  • Co-Creating Healing helps release discovered emotional energy blocks and health challenges.

  • Long Distance Healing is available for those who do not live in close proximity but wish the support of a Medical Intuitive.  Body Scanning, Body-Mind Conscious Readings and Co-Creative Healing skills can be done from a distance and the client may choose to be in contact by phone as it occurs or receive an email of the discovery and healing.

  • Vision Journeys allow a temporary connection or awareness of past, buried hurts and traumas. This technique allows one to identify and understand the nature of what is held within so they may let go  of buried karma more effortlessly.

  • Chakra Activations open the energy centers located up the spine, allowing better energy flow. so the whole system runs more optimally.

  • Aura Expansion allows increased energy, aliveness and protection in ones energy field.

  • Pranic Breath Practices are shared with clients, so they may better understand the value of breathing properly and incorporate more life force energy into their body temple on a daily basis.

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage is yet another option that may be part of a longer intuitive session when a client wishes some hands on healing also.

  • Body-Mind Spirit Tune-ups offer combination sessions that utilize several different modalities simultaneously as indicated or needed.

  • Vibrational Remedies give the body a subtle yet powerful boost to help manifest and maintain a speedier state of recovery.  Crystal gem elixirs are  custom made and blended for each client and are done with time honored methods.


Another Client Case History #2

Co-Creative Healing  |  Re-writing our Movie Script Past  |  Vision Journeys

Client Case #2 Past Loves

One of my most memorable clients was dating 2 different men at the time.  Sarah loved them both but had a great fear about Richard in particular whom she held the deepest love for and she had no idea where it originated.  She also shared that she had a history of stomach problems and unresolved pain in that area plus her doctor said she would never carry a pregnancy due to other medical issues. 

In a guided vision journey,  Sarah discovered she had also been in relationship with the same 2 men in a prior lifetime in the 1700's.  The one she feared now, James (now Richard), had been her husband at that time and as the journey began, she experienced the depth of their love then.  One day, James left to sea for 3 months.  Before he left, he asked his brother Michael to look after his wife while he was gone.  Michael happily obliged.  James did not return for 3 months, 6 months or 2 years, so Sarah and Michael  eventually got romantically involved after 2 years and she became pregnant. 

Out of the blue, without a word prior, James suddenly showed up 2.5 years later, after he was considered lost at sea.  When he found out his wife was pregnant with his brothers baby, he reacted violently, took a knife, stabbed her in the stomach and killed the unborn baby and her.  Thus, Sarah's fear of him this lifetime, the inability to get pregnant and the ongoing stomach problems were all related to her past life karmic trauma from this time. 

By utilizing the vision journey awareness and assisting in re-writing Sarah's past life movie script ending, the path was now laid out for a new shift in direction this lifetime.  Clearing out the old energies held within through the Co-Creative Healing with the Medical Intuitive insights given, Diana was able to support Sarah to dive fully and fearlessly into relationship with James once again (now Richard this lifetime). 

After her Co-Creative Healing session, Sarah had 3 miscarriages (letting go of her own resistance to the story the doctor told her) then finally got pregnant and had a healthy baby girl.  Her stomach issues miraculously disappeared immediately. The latent expression of the stomach trauma once connected with, was also now cleared on a deeper level and resolved so Sarah was no longer affected by the past held baggage around that lifetime anymore.

Medical Intuitive Services & Rates
Private In Studio Sessions
Include a combination of Diana's intuitive talents.
  • $100 - 1 hr.
  • $150 - 1 1/2 hrs.
  • $195 - 2 hrs suggested first time session
  • $275 - 3 hrs.
Long Distance Sessions More Info
Body Scanning, Body-Mind Conscious Reading and Co-Creative Healing skills may be included in sessions.
Long distance phone charges included if applicable.
  • $120 - 1 hr.


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