Co-Creative Healing
Ready for transformation?  Co-Creative Healing is deep integrative work that alters one's very beingness, as discordant energies are removed and cleared from many levels emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually for a permanent shift in one's reality.  A transformative journey that sometimes takes one to other realms, this is an opening to honor, receive, release and awaken, awakening one to new levels of understanding.
If one considers that all dis-ease in the body is simply consciousness, held as energy, you may better understand how easily it may be released.  All pain and dis-ease is simply our unresolved past held as blocked energy in our body-mind consciousness.

Native Indian Medicine Man "Many Horses" inspired her to utilize her natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts.  He often commented on how we recycle our past and call it our present, thus creating challenges in the moment, both physical and mental that actually have nothing to do with the present at all.

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"When the Spirit is willing, anything is possible."

Art by Michael Asti-Rose

Co-Creative Energy Healing
Body-Mind Conscious Reading

Co-Creative healing may be easily utilized to discover physical challenges or blocks in the Body as well as within the Mind and Spirit connections. 

As the secrets held within the Body-Mind Consciousness (BMC) are connected with, deep, integrative energy shifts and transformation are possible. 

Listening to the BMC allows one to understand why blocked energy, pain or dis-ease has been held within.  If one connects with and hears what the BMC is trying to tell them, then often, the body no longer has a need to hold onto the issues.

This is paramount to the effortless release of most challenges and allows the possibility of more permanent or long term clearing for clients, often in 1 or 2 sessions.

CCH Sessions

Co-Creative Healing includes an initial consultation to prioritize client challenges and requests.

The practioner does complete intuitive body scanning techniques and a full BMC Reading with a client fully clothed on a massage table covered in a blanket.

Once discovery is complete, Co-Creative Energy Healing techniques are utilized to help release or clear that which is no longer desired. Divine energies are moved through the Body, Mind and Spirit, making way for deep clearing and purification. 

Personal Guides and Deva assistance is called upon to support an effortless journey.  An intensive, yet nurturing passage.

Vision journeys or karmic clearing may also be indicated and client will be safely guided into connecting with this past life awareness when appropriate.


Simple, self-empowerment healing practices may be suggested to insure continued integration and clarity of purpose.

Art by Michael Asti-Rose

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Co-Creative Energy Healing expanded

Consider the following for a moment...

Our Aura is the filter system for the body and is an energy field that surrounds us, collecting and filtering all the emotional data  that we send, receive and experience daily. This energy field usually expands out 5-7 feet from the body for the average person if healthy.   Most of the events that trigger us emotionally are held temporarily in the aura and are eventually cleared out on their own through this energy field if it is bright, full and operating optimally.  This process can sometimes take years if a person is continually acting out old or dysfunctional patterns.

Recycled past trauma becomes reality when we continually hold on to our "stuff" for extended periods of time through unsupportive or negative emotions, thoughts or behaviors.  This causes the aura to get dense and depleted, shrinking it smaller, until it can no longer clear these energies easily on its own. Now, any stress or related negative emotions will enter directly into the physical body, manifesting as either pain, sickness or dis-ease. Since the energy field can no longer support the weight of this dense, heavy energy, it is forced to move into the physical, becoming real, so the BMC may hopefully bring it to our attention.  Illness is essentially a speeding up of the aging process and "dis-ease" is simply a reflection of our inner health. 

Letting go of expectations and what we make things mean, is crucial to our long term healing capabilities. We are often habitual, creating a continuous focus on our "stuff" and the past, rather than being in the moment.  If we choose to experience each moment, fresh and present, there is rarely any room for upset.  Life is good and rarely wasted on worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

Once dis-ease shows up in the body, it has likely been around in the energy field for quite some time, often many years. Until this energy is cleared, it continually magnetizes similar energies or trauma to it, thus creating the same patterns showing up in our lives and the usual "triggers" in our relationships with other people.

The Body-Mind Conscious speaks to us through our pain. The shamans have always seen sickness or "dis-ease" as a gift to us, if we choose to listen.  By being open to receiving the gifts shared, we have the opportunity to let go and release that which no longer serves us.  Once the BMC is heard, it no longer has a purpose in holding onto the issue.

Reading the BMC is logical and easy if we pay attention to the signs.  Depending on where challenges reside in the body or mind, it will mean different things.  These are messages from the Body-Mind Conscious indicating how we may limit ourselves in our expression and are key to clearing it permanently.  By releasing our expectations and attachments to the outcome, it is possible to shift  our perception, thus allowing us to better master our healing and well-being abilities,

Most healing modalities only deal with the physical ignoring the blocked energy in the aura or the body, making it difficult and often impossible to clear the issues easily to create long-term well-being.  It is important to clear the energy field and the physical simultaneously to insure more permanent healing results. Without also removing the energy from the energy field (aura), once a dis-ease is removed from the body it makes a space where any remaining related energy in the auric energy field simply moves in and fills up the space now created in the physical.  

Chronic pain is almost always past life related which makes it more difficult to successfully remove using most traditional healing modalities, as they fail to address the symptom of the problem or health challenge.  Past life consciousness is held in the physical as well as the auric field and sometimes affects us as much or more than recently locked in emotions or triggers. 


Art by Michael Asti-Rose

The Body-Mind Conscious speaks to us with crystal clear insights if we simply pay attention.

When we understand this, we are able to hasten the healing and clearing process considerably. 

In fact, healing may often be almost instantaneous.   

Medical Intuitive

Accelerated healing is possible with the support of a Medical Intuitive. Both psychics and Medical Intuitives have often fine tuned their inherent ability to tap into the BMC in varying styles and degrees. 

Energy may be "read" intuitively by anyone who takes time to develop this awareness. Each healer is only as accurate as they are personally clear, healed and able to trust in their own abilities.  

Viewing the akashic records of the soul (past life memory), while working in the aura, a Medical Intuitive is able to give a client BMC guidance.

Co-Creative Healing occurs when a Medical Intuitive works simultaneously in the aura while a client focuses on the physical through guided visualization and breath. 

Working with a Souls highest purpose, the Medical Intuitive is able to identify health issues and assist in vibrationally shifting "dis-ease" by  becoming the witness to help release discordant energies. 

Removing negative memories from the akashic or soul records helps the body to shift at a cellular level, allowing the client to return to a natural state of health.   

Life becomes much simpler and definitely more fun when we observe the mind, rather than react to it. 

Harmony exists in day to day living and things flow synchronistically, we learn how to live in the present moment.  

Art by Michael Asti-Rose

Sometimes natural remedies such as gem elixirs, herbs and homeopathic or naturopathic solutions will also be suggested to speed up and support the physical, mental and spiritual healing integration a client reguires.

Art by Michael Asti-Rose

Co-Creative Healing Rates

Co-Creative Energy Healing

  • Confidential In Studio Session

  • Approximately 2hrs $195

  • Includes Free 15 min. phone consultation

  • Additional time charged at $95hr.

The practioner is able to give you an approximation of time needed for your session prior to booking.

At the end of your session, she will tell you how long until the sessions integration is complete and whether another session is indicated.


Long Distance Healing

As a Medical Intuitive, the practioner also has the ability to heal long distance, as our connection to a soul goes beyond the physical, therefore often allowing the same results to be had from a distance.   All that is needed is the Souls permission and choice to shift for the desired results to manifest.

As we are all connected through consciousness, the Medical Intuitive has the ability to receive information about the root cause of your health challenges,  thus making it possible for long distance healing.

Private sessions can be done in person, over the telephone or by email and are often just as effective as if you were working with the practioner in person.

Art by Michael Asti-Rose

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