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Awakening intuition - Newsletter article contributed by Dee ~ June 19, 2014

Few people realize we all have access to personal intuitive abilities, they are not just something reserved for the gifted few.  These skills may be discovered through practice or perhaps triggered unexpectedly in midst of an important or life changing moment.  Whatever the initial awareness, intuitive skills may be honed and expanded just as any other learned ability. 
Intuitive abilities may be purposefully learned and integrated with practiced disciplines shared by a skilled teacher. Some may realize they have many talents on different levels already, but lack the clear or full awareness to understand what to do with what they are seeing, hearing or feeling.  I was one of these gifted people and after dreaming about a shamanic teacher, I met the Native Indian Medicine man shown in my dreams about a month later.
I traveled with 3 male friends, one of which was fraught with 13 different personalities and was considered by his family to be a lost soul with no real means to deal with daily life unless he was heavily sedated into quiet servitude. We took him  to see a shaman we were told could likely help him.  I did not know it was the medicine man in my dreams until we walked into the front door.  That was the beginnings of an amazing and fulfilling journey that would change the very course of my life from that day forward. From then on, I realized how simply I connected with the other realms and how much more information is available to us when we open the channels to allow the wisdom in.
A gifted teacher or practitioner is very important to the individual who wishes to expand their intuitive awareness. Learning to work with someone who already knows the ways in, will allow those interested to trust their own abilities with tried and true ways and means to get there.
It is important to understand the differences between mediums, psychics, psychic mediums, mysticists, channels, clairvoyants, clairsentients, clairaudients, intuitives, medical intuitives or combinations of these practices, as they involve varying skills and tap into different levels of awareness.  Not all those with these kinds of labeled abilities are gifted in experiencing exactly the same way and many have gifts that may overlap into different categories.   Edgar Cayce had a combination of gifts and was a well-known mysticist, psychic and medical intuitive.
Mediums are known to have the open-ness and ability to contact the spirits of the dead.  There are different variations of mediumship and how messages are relayed.  Some mediums hear messages and pass them on to loved ones, other mediums may be taken over and their voice used to relay a message.  Some may even see apparitions or invite manifestations of the spirit. These might be demonstrated as telekenetic abilities, the presence of a voice out of nowhere, a candle lighting itself and so on.  A spirit who wants to be heard will usually contact the medium by making their presence known.  The spirits from these realms are not the highest source of informational awareness. They are often held between realms and have not "crossed over" peacefully yet, as they may have unfinished business to resolve or relatives in the grieving process that are still "attached" thus slowing their ability to move on successfully or quickly.
Psychics are known to perceive things that may be hidden from normal senses by utilizing extra sensory perception or ESP.  Past, present and future are often areas that psychics will tend to address in their predictions.  These abilities allow one to gain information by other than normal means and senses.
Mysticists share numerous practices, discourses, rituals, writings or traditions that are geared towards human transformation and refer to the spiritual or contemplative dimensions for information.

To be continued....

Many metals tend to hold emotional energies, thus allowing psychics to tune into hidden events or experiences past.



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Posted November 11, 2003

With the culmination of the Harmonic Concordance Sat. Nov. 8th, 2003, it had been a relatively full year of preparation for this unfolding for many.  As this amazing planetary alignment promised to be a major influence in our lives in regards to our choices and where we focus our attention, we were wise to edit our behavior and thoughts closely.  

It has certainly made me contemplate what life holds and how to instigate change that better supports staying in that place of Love at all times.  It sometimes seems to be such a challenge when things are projected at us from others, especially those we love.  At times it is best to acknowledge these opportunities to make new choices in our lives and move on.  

Sometimes challenge is our greatest teacher if we listen and make right choices based on our hearts voice.  Often these decisions allow hope and light to be reflected from a new place of not knowing what the future holds.  As a spontaneous person who truly embraces adventure in life, I look forward to not knowing and creating in the moment.  Yet at times I hold myself back from allowing the space to enjoy this place fully, by being in fear of what is to come.  

At these times in my life I am always grateful for the reminder that Creator always brings the best for us by sharing the opportunities that make us grow into more sentient beings, when we fully allow what is, to simply be, without judgment as to whether it is right - wrong - good or bad.  The degree to which we allow this opportunity is equivalent to the happiness and joy that is instilled in our lives from that place of knowing.  

It is at these times that I give Gratitude and Thanks for the lessons that are being shared with me, even if I do not see them in the moment.  I ask for support in bringing that wisdom forth and I meditate, allowing the answers to come from within.  I am often greeted with such Love from my guides in the etheric realms when I am in this place, it reminds me I am not alone and everything will be okay.

It's all good.  This statement has become a well used phrase in the Spiritual Community as well as in the world at large.  It is very simple yet it speaks volumes.  Our judgment of others and Self is only in our minds.  Creator created all and it is all good.  Joy and Love emanate from us when we truly live in that place of understanding this awareness.

Love what is.   It is not always as easy as it seems to do this and due diligence is sometimes required to continue to experience this understanding with any relevance in our lives.  Time to seek support perhaps with coaching, workshops or personal self examination as a possibility that gives new hope to release old patterns.   

The journey may not always be easy and loving what is - has often been the road less traveled for many.  The more time we spend in loving what is, the more Acceptance of Self and others we have.  I experience that with many friends in my life who truly allow themselves to be in that place of Peace more often than not.  They are my inspiration, as we all are to each other at different times in our lives.  

Everyone is in different states of evolution at the Soul level and it is not for us to judge why or when it is time for others to change or shift.  We all choose to be at that place of knowing when we are ready and not before.  This is paramount to understand with regards to our personal sense of peace in our lives and how we choose to interpret the lives of others.

We hold the key to our happiness, health and love relationships.  We are the ones who decide what our script will look like and whether the road will be easy or not.  When we become victims of our own choices and journeys, we give up the power to see a way out.  It is also important to allow ourselves to fully embrace the pain by allowing it to come forth without judging ourselves or others in relationship to that pain.  Balance is the other key in this equation.  Spending more time in suffering than in Joy is a red flag to pay attention to our choices so as to make new ones.

One of the most important factors in releasing our suffering is to allow it to be heard.  Answers are not always welcome when we are in this place.  Better to just listen and allow it, as it is simply the illusion of what is true for us in the moment.  If we allow this process without judging or trying to "fix" it,  we allow the pain to be transmuted into a release of energy rather than a containment of energy which eventually poisons our thoughts and bodies thus creating further "dis-ease" or pain.

My mother is one of the best listeners I know.  Whenever I wish to be heard, she is one of the people I count on to be there just to listen.  I have learned allot about the art of listening from others. Sometimes it is my forte and other times not.  The "Art of Listening" is truly that and warrants further development for most of us. 

One of the topics posed at our Conscious Connections gatherings one night was, " Who or what has totally shifted your beliefs about something in your life?"  My response was "the Conscious Connections evenings."  Many times I had incredible aha's about myself simply by listening to others share their experiences with the group.  As the group is set up with the native tradition of using the talking stick, this allows each person the freedom to speak and be heard without any response in return other than to simply be heard.  This is such a basic process, yet it allows incredible healing for so many of us as we rarely seem to have that opportunity in our busy lives. It has allowed me to experience an amazing level of Acceptance for myself and others, as we are so different, yet so the same.  We all just want to be heard and honored for who we are and whatever is going on for us in the moment.

Recently my father had another stroke and I found myself questioning him on what he was choosing for his life.  Did he want to live or was he ready to leave this earth plane?  For some reason he was very triggered by my question and immediately responded saying he had no choice, it wasn't up to him because they (the doctors) could not figure out what caused it.  He furthered this by adding that if he had another stroke and was paralyzed, he would will himself to die as he was confident he could do this.  I questioned this response by suggesting that if he could will himself to die, why could he not will himself to live?  He was further angered by my response and one thing led to another and shortly thereafter he walked out.

I realized after he left that he was simply in fear after what had happened to him and that perhaps it was not the best time to probe with questions but rather listen to his pain in the moment.  We all have pain at different times in our lives and if we allow it to be expressed, the energy will soon shift and we will move on to other things. Like I said, listening is an art and I was certainly not practicing this art with him in that moment and I acknowledged this within myself and followed that with - it is all good.  No point in now making myself wrong for my choice in the moment. Better to simply choose again in a new moment as the other would simply be a recycling of the past into the present again.  

All pain is simply a remembrance or trigger of something from our past.  We are not programmed to automatically respond in a less than supportive way, we simply choose it again in the moment.  This response is based on our past data and beliefs.  When we truly let go of the past programs, we are no longer triggered again by them.  I have personally witnessed the power of this choice with myself and many clients when the light goes on and we get how we have been holding ourselves underwater with old stories of what was.  In essence, drowning ourselves with past data that is no longer relative in the moment.  When we choose to give up our stories about ourselves and others, we experience incredible freedom once again.  There is nothing like that feeling.  

My responses to my father in that moment were similar questions I asked myself later when I was sitting in the midst of my own pain. If I always have a choice, why was I making the one's that made me miserable and better still - why did they make me miserable?  Thus my pain lead to a self-inquiry from a new place of understanding and power.

Of course, I always have a choice - I had forgotten momentarily.  I am writing my own script and with the Harmonic Concordance event of planetary alignments that happened on the weekend past, new earthly energies are totally in support of any choices I now make.  Knowing how much more powerful our thoughts are at this particular time in history,  I understand how crucial it is to monitor our them every moment especially up to Nov. 18th, 2003. 

This time in particular will find us creating our very reality in full force with our thoughts.  Pay attention to how quickly this becomes true in your life. The Universe is set up to make us right.   What we think, feel or believe creates our very reality.  Never before has this been more relevant than in this very moment. 

The time is Now. There is no other time to choose happiness and joy in our lives, for this moment will never occur again.  What are we waiting for?  Write your script and make it good.  You deserve it!


Affirmations for creating more Love in one's life... Loving oneself is the greatest Gift Of Love one can give to humanity.  Affirmations help manifest powerful transformation, clarity and creation in our lives.  As it is it is created. The Gift of Love affirmation package is available in our product line.


Previously Posted... Dec. 2001

As the Angels have so shared with myself and others in the metaphysical community, we were in midst of tremendous clearing out of inner closets before years end 2001 to prepare us for the accelerated rate of energies coming in this New Year of 2002.  As our abilities to manifest our thoughts speed up, so does the insanity of all that no longer serves us as it shows up in our faces or physical bodies to be cleared or addressed.  Such it is with many lightworkers who have had to endure much tumultuous, difficult change and challenges this last year, including the events of Sept. 11th, 2001. 

As my friend Craig Russel channeling the Angels Akasha and Asun has to say, many lightworkers went through the Dark Night of the Soul during 2001, including losing or giving up much of what they normally depend upon in their lives.  It is some comfort to know that we are not alone as many of us who have signed up for this journey this lifetime have had some accelerated lessons, initiations and awakenings that have not all been pretty. 

Key things to integrate have been Surrender, Acceptance and Gratitude.  I personally have witnessed the Dark Night of the Soul and its not so pretty revelations about self. It was a very difficult journey at times and I thank those who were there for me, especially when I was less than gracious during the challenging periods. Thank-you again for your much appreciated support.

Previously Posted... Oct. 2000

As I update the pages of my website, which has been left silent for awhile, I am intrigued to notice that the last posting for the Gift of Love Affirmation before this silence was " I am always in the right place with the perfect people at the perfect time." This says much to confirm my choice to embark on a "Journey with Spirit" as I liquidate all belongings, let go of my home and give my cat to a new keeper.  As a Taurus who loves having a stable home environment and has never dreamt of doing any move without her pets or her stuff, this is a tremendous change of far reaching proportions.  However... I am more grounded and joyful about the clarity of my decision than I have ever been in my life about anything.  

This is the ultimate feng shui of releasing the clutter in one's life and I know it creates space for many more new experiences and energies to come in.  I am definitely ready and Spirit has been preparing me for awhile in the art of Detachment and Acceptance.  I thank all of those people who have been such great Gifts in my life, especially in the last 3 years of this  life journey.  I look forward to the many more Souls I continue to meet who share many new teachings and opportunities for the further transformation and evolution of my Soul.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you in the pages of this web site.  Thank-you.